As a responsible and environmentally conscious company, CURVER has always considered innovation and sustainability as top priorities.

Our mission at CURVER is to offer plastic goods that integrate smoothly in your living environment. Naturally, this includes guaranteeing a responsible and sustainable approach from our company, both in the products offered and the working conditions of our employees.

This priority for CURVER translates into following three key principles of sustainability: Citizenship, an Eco-Conception and Client Satisfaction.


  • A responsible manufacturer

CURVER has been developing and manufacturing its products in European plants since 1949. Production sites now exist also in North America, following the development of CURVER’s client base.

As a responsible manufacturer, CURVER has always positioned its plants close to its clients and follows the strict European and American regulations in terms of quality, traceability and security.

  • A leading player in the plastic industry

CURVER was among the first industrial plastic components manufacturing companies to banish dangerous materials from its production process. Lead, mercury and other heavy metals, were banned as early as in the 1980s.

Today, CURVER products are also free of any plasticizers, BPA and PVC.

Furthermore, CURVER gives a priority to the use of PP (polypropylene plastic). Identified by the Möbius ribbon and its associated number – 5 –, polypropylene plastic is easily recyclable. It benefits from its own universal and specific recycling channel.

  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

CURVER has put its 3R concept at the heart of its products: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. It guarantees these issues are taken into account in the design of the products, their production and the information given to consumers.

An Eco-Conception

  • Sustainability starts with product design

 Whether in the selection of the raw products, the design of the CURVER range, or the customer’s usage of products, we have decided to apply strict eco-conception principles to all of our products in order to minimise their impact on the environment.

Introducing Polypropylene plastic as a single raw material, for example, simplifies all steps of the product’s life, from production to recycling, eliminating the mix with other materials. Via a design that allows products to be piled up, we allow CURVER products to use less space during transport, another reduced impact on the environment.

Our company’s Eco-conception principles also include designing robust and durable plastic household products made to last.

  • Sustainability at every level

Less visible for to our clients, we implement various other actions in our sustainability engagement.

Production tools are renewed regularly and replaced with more energy efficient machines, reducing production carbon footprint.

Packaging of CURVER products is also optimised in order to offer a hassle-free experience, reducing packaging to the minimum to reduce waste.

Finally, our company strongly emphasises on recycling possibilities of products at the end of their life cycle.

  • The EcoLife Range

At CURVER, because we believe in the benefits of recycling in the production of the products as well, we decided to develop a fully sustainable line of products: the EcoLife range, 100% made from post-consumer recycled (PCR) waste.

This example of a successful sustainable initiative has received the EPRO Best Recycled Plastic Product Award at the 2012 IdentiPlast Event in Warsaw, Poland. The award is a prestigious recognition of Curver’s long-standing commitment for sustainable and stylish designs for eco-friendly consumers.

Client Satisfaction

In our company, we have always set our clients’ satisfaction at the top of our priorities. Our durable goods are designed to carry and protect your food and belongings, to be used for home and leisure, and facilitate your everyday life.

Useful, well designed, CURVER products always have a place in your household: some are still in use after 40-years! Another proof of their durability.

With sustainable development a priority for many of our clients, we have developed a strong sustainable development spirit and a trustworthy relationship with them.