When a dog or cat has the luck to go on holiday with its owner, it too has to pack its bags. Here are the essentials that should not be forgotten!


1 Food and water

Even on holiday, it’s best not to change your pet’s habits. So remember to take with you the type of food it’s used to eating.

During the journey, always keep water nearby to offer regularly, especially if you are travelling in hot weather. To be more practical, you can opt for a three-in-one travelling kit which allows you to keep handy a water bowl, a food bowl and an airtight container (to keep food in), all together and make life simpler.

travel kit


2 The basket

If possible, so that your pet is not too disoriented by the change of environment, take its favourite basket with you. It will be reassured to find its scent.



3 The travel basket

Practical for travelling with a small dog or a cat, the travel basket is indispensable! Note also that very ingenious pet beds are available that transform into travel baskets!

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4 A first aid kit

In case of illness or injury, it is best to have a first aid kit with you. Ideally this should contain a self-stick bandage, disinfectant, tweezers, a syringe without needle, a thermometer, sterile compresses, sleeping pills or sedatives against travel sickness (prescribed by a vet), diarrhoea and constipation medicaments, as well as an external parasite treatment.


Finally, take a multi-purpose box with you for your pet’s health record, identity papers and any accessories (collar, harness, leash, brush, toys…). Once your pet’s bag is ready, you can set off on your travels with complete peace of mind!