The basket is to the dog what the bed is to us: it is something indispensable. It is important therefore to choose it well and place it in the right spot.

The dog is a very sociable animal and generally likes to follow its master everywhere. That said, dogs need a space that is just for them, somewhere that is theirs alone and where they can relax, but also where you can sometimes tell them to go.

Today there are as many types of bedding as there are breeds of dog: every colour, shape and material is on the market. And of course prices to suit every budget! The offer extends from simple rugs to luxury sofas, rattan-look basket I don’t know what this is trying to state. To be more practical, you can opt for a very functional 3-in-1 bunk, with two levels that can be separated (very practical when you have two pets) and which can even transform into a travel basket!

So when choosing bedding for your dog, the first factor to take into account… is your own taste.


Comfort and safety

Because your dog is the primary concern, we also need to think of its comfort. So choose the right size (not too big, not too small) and, ideally, try to observe the types of material your dog likes to lie on, to discover any possible preferences. Some bedding combines comfort and elegance (Cozy Pet Bed), and so corresponds to the needs of your dog as much as it does to your wishes!

Finally, take into account the outside temperature as well as your dog’s fur so that it is not too hot and not too cold.


A strategic position

Once you’ve chosen the type of bedding, you need to decide where to put it. The dog’s bed should not get in the way or block a passageway. Avoid draughts and prefer a quiet room. Like this your dog will be able to indulge in lovely naps… in complete peace!