Tidying clothes of course means storing them under the best conditions, but also taking pleasure in being able to choose and put together the day’s outfit without effort. To do this, there are several simple principles to respect and several habits to get into.


Principle No. 1: only tidy what you (really) wear

Explanations: we sometimes confuse our clothes with

  • souvenirs (tee-shirts from our youth, for example)
  • our dream life (long evening dress that we never have occasion to wear)
  • our illusions (those size 36 jeans, even though we’ve been a 42 for 6 years)

You can certainly keep all these marvels (although, if you want my advice…), but they don’t need to clutter up the wardrobe you use every day. This should only contain the clothes that you really wear now. Use the Textile or UnderTheBed boxes to store them tidily, but off-camera.


Principle No. 2: clothing, it’s not only to cover yourself up

When you choose clothes in a shop, you expect more than something that simply helps you to look half-decent or not to shiver. You like the colour, the texture, it reflects your personality (discreet, extravagant, practical, classic…). So then, why needlessly hang on to clothes or accessories that don’t do you any favours: stained, full of holes, faded, not in fact showing yourself to your best advantage…? Take out of your wardrobe all the outfits that don’t do you justice any more.


Principle No. 3: we all make mistakes…

but this is not a reason to punish ourselves every day for having got it wrong, paid too much for horrendous tat, bought something stupid in a blue moment… Some more would-be candidates that you can push towards the exit (to give away or resell) at the same time as everything that scratches, stings, squeezes, constrains, hurts.


Principle No. 4: tidy your clothes like in a shop

We should be able to see all the clothes and accessories in a single glance, like in the shop. Which forces us to reflect on our use of space.



How to organise the space?

If your piles of tee-shirts and pullovers are too high, you’ll bring them tumbling down every day. Try to bring the shelves closer together (or add some more) to increase your storage space while reducing the height of the piles.


If you put multiple items of clothing on hangers, don’t be surprised if you end up buying unneeded trousers or skirts because you didn’t know you already had them. Put a maximum of two items on each hanger.

Hint: if you hang your trousers by the bottom, their weight will “iron” them naturally.


Hang your clothes in size order. Like this, under the shortest, you can put a small chest or a linen basket.

Choose the shape of your hangers to suit the clothes: large hangers for heavy coats, hangers with notches for dresses with thin straps etc…

Think of the changing seasons: in summer, place your scarves, gloves and hats in a solid, airtight box. In winter, you can use it for your swimwear, sun glasses and sarongs.

The space under hanging clothes is often poorly used because it is dark and deep. Thanks to the Multibox on wheels you can have easy access to those shoes or pullovers that you don’t know where to store.

Accessories and lingerie can be stored in drawers or in pretty boxes on the shelves.

Prefer shelves rather than drawers for tee-shirts, bedclothes, shorts or jeans, because one is sometimes surprised to find one of these items buried at the bottom of the drawer.


After a thorough sort-out and rational organisation, let’s move on to the habits that help you keep things in order.


Habit No. 1: Only put away clothes that are clean (and ironed if needed). Otherwise, the moths will come and feast on your wardrobe and you will realise, just before an important meeting, that your blouse still bears a reminder of your last bolognaise.


Habit No. 2: Prepare your outfits the day before. This is the only way you’ll spot that this tee-shirt doesn’t finally go with those trousers. Or that your bra shows through. Because at 7 in the morning, it is really not that easy and then you don’t have the time.


Habit No. 3: Don’t wear the same pair of shoes two days running. They need to air.


Habit No. 4: Put empty hangers at the end of the rail: they take up less space and don’t get tangled up.


Habit No. 5: One wardrobe each. No, you don’t pinch your space from your beloved.


By Laurence Einfalt