For decorating our interiors, everyone thinks of using wood, metal, different fabrics and also natural materials like wicker or rattan. We don’t necessarily think of plastic, yet it has many advantages! After all, if we use plastic to store our food or our papers, why not also take advantage of it to decorate our interior?


Why choose plastic?

Because it is a very solid material, resistant and long-lasting while being super practical for daily use. The essential thing is to make the right choice. In fact, it is preferable to invest in good-quality products.

Pay attention in particular to the country of manufacture (prefer Europe); but also its composition, especially for households with children.

If you care about the future of our planet, prefer products made from recycled plastic, or those that are designed to be easily recycled.

At Curver, all these points have pride of place: with more than 65 years’ experience in the field of plastics, the brand undertakes to create products that respect our environment, while adapting to our desires and needs.


Concerning the design, we can choose objects with a crafted and well-designed look. We can opt for neutral tones if we want them to blend in completely with the decor of our cosy nest; but also for products with more refined decor like floral motifs, or imitation materials, very much the trend in decoration this year.

And then to improve your interior, it is very important not to neglect the details, because they make all the difference!


Now that you have all the right products to hand, you can finally have fun!


In which rooms?

All, without exception!

In the bathroom, we can use baskets to store textiles or small toilet accessories, but also a large laundry basket.

In the kitchen, we can organise shelves with pretty boxes and in the fridge, food will be better preserved thanks to specially designed boxes.

For the office, storage boxes are our best friends: papers, letters and all the supplies can be found a place without taking up your work space.

The bedroom and wardrobe are not to be forgotten: we can go for small pieces of furniture with drawers to store jewellery or scarves, for example, but also transparent boxes for more bulky objects (pullovers, quilts…). Everything is possible!

Plastic has the great advantage of being easy to maintain. We can therefore use it in the laundry room, in the kids’ room, but also outdoors and even for our four-legged friends!


What style?

So that these objects truly integrate into your decoration, we must above all not neglect their style. You wouldn’t ever buy a cushion or a picture that you don’t like? Well it’s the same for these accessories!

Materials, motifs, vivid or plain colours: indulge yourself by choosing objects that you will never regret. If you have to go past your plastic basket 10 times a day, it ought to be nice to look at!

So the storage boxes have become decorative, the plate rack now livens up your sink and even your bins are not in hiding!


Par Céline Alata