Are you girly, a fashionista, mad on travel or a bit of a handyman? Curver has creations to match your own individual style, needs and desires. Discover the product range to suit you!


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1 | The sophisticated urbanite

Always at the forefront of fashion, you’re a refined urbanite through and through. A real fashionista with femininity to boot.

Curver offers you boxes with a unique design specially created for the brand by an illustrator. The Miss line of boxes, in the colours of Paris, New York and St Petersburg, will be perfect to house your latest trendy accessories.


2| The chic romantic

You love design and elegance. You’re also a bit of a dreamer and not averse to a touch of quirkiness. But always with grace and delicacy!

Your secrets will be well kept in these precious and practical holders. Curver has got you covered with these little lace effect baskets. Victoria is the chic, feminine line from the texture collection. Available in different colours and sizes, these baskets are sure to look classy on your shelves.


3| The on-trend dandy

 A bit of a hipster or BoBo, you never neglect your style, whether it comes to your own look or your interior. Practical, yes, but always chic!

Curver offers you an on-trend tidying solution thanks to its Neo range. Baskets of different sizes and colours for every room in the home – from the office and kitchen to the bathroom.


4| The handyman

Your practical sense always comes first and you seek solutions to optimise your space. As an inveterate handyman you feel the need to categorise, classify, sort and store.

Curver lets you do all this at once with its Unibox range. These multi-purpose and stackable bestsellers have proven their worth for the last thirty years. Their reinforced base is designed for shock absorption, making them very strong and long-lasting.


5| The distinguished nomad

You’re always on the move and carry with you your survival kit. Active and responsive, you need to be organised to find what you need in the blink of an eye.

Curver will support you wherever you go with its multifunctional Pocket boxes. This is a clever range to fit in your bag, pocket or even your hand. Four sizes are available in a palette of unique and modern designs. You’ll no longer need to think about where to store your credit cards, keys, pens or anything else lurking at the bottom of your bag!


6| The American pop aficionado

Immersed in pop culture, you’re especially fond of references to television series, films, video games and the best known American brands.

At Curver, we’ve elevated the iconic US brand, Coca-Cola, to the status of a design theme. We created this product line for all aficionados of American pop-culture and anyone who’s addicted to bright colours.



7| The Star Wars fan

 A fan of the Jedi universe from the start, you wouldn’t have missed the latest opus, released in late 2015, for the world. You know everything there is to know about lightsabers, the Millennium Falcon and Wookiees.

The force is with you, and Curver too! We have designed two different ranges for you around the world of Star Wars: a classic range with decoration inspired by the first six films and a more contemporary range, in black and white.