At Curver, we are constantly striving to improve the way we respond to your needs and make your experience with us even better. With an updated logo and a new website … Curver has had a makeover and undergone a revival!

Reviving our image

Our new image comes under the heading of up to the minute design. We have opted for a more refined, digital style that is in keeping with latest practice. Our new look graphics are on the lighter side with 2D or “flat design” visuals.

Brightening up our logo

In 2015, it’s all about simplicity; straightforward but effective designs. At Curver, we are going along with this trend. Our new logo, with its minimalist style and no shading or gradient effects, is a bright, vibrant red.

Improving your digital experience

Our new website is designed to give you an enjoyable experience that just keeps getting better. The graphics are straightforward, with solid colours that are bright and fresh, reflecting the dynamism of our brand. We have chosen to make the image our focal point: photos and videos, whatever it takes to show you our products from every angle!

The new icons, which are simple, effective and universally recognised, will make it easy for you to find your way around the site, depending on what you need.

Finally, in response to ourmobile audience(40% ofvisitors to our site), the interface is optimisedfor all formats(computers, tablets and phones)and adapted toall browsers.You canview ourcontent fromall yourdevices.

Happy surfing on our new website – more up-to-date, more stylish, trendier, more efficient!