It’s not always easy to get to grips with all the symbols that can be found on our plastic packaging. Become an expert on the subject!


What to do and what not do with your Curver product

Food safety, it’s our priority

 CMJN de base

This international symbol indicates that our products are made of materials that are specifically designed for contact with food. So it is safe for you to use them for food.

 CMJN de base

All our products designed for use with food are guaranteed BPA, or Bisphenol A free. This symbol confirms that.

You can store and heat your food without any worries

Curver products should not be used in the oven, on the hob or under the grill.


This symbol indicates that the product is designed to be used in the microwave. So you can safely reheat or defrost food in it in a microwave oven.

Here is a little tip for you: when using the microwave, it is best to remove the container lid and then heat according to the power indicated (see temperature symbol).


 CMJN de base

This symbol displays the minimum and maximum temperatures that the product can withstand: from the coldest, shown below the line (in the freezer) to the hottest, shown above it (in the microwave).


A product displaying this symbol can be used to store food in the fridge or freezer.

Here is a little tip for you: when you take the container out of the fridge or freezer, leave it out for a few minutes or run it under warm water before putting it in the microwave.

Looking after our plastic household products requires very little effort

 CMJN de base

Our products displaying this symbol are designed to be dishwasher safe.

Here is a little tip for you: always put Curver products in the top basket of your dishwasher.

Which plastic is used for what?

There are many types of plastic. We mark all our products with the symbol of a triangle with three arrows, the Möbius strip. This universally recognised logo indicates that the material is recyclable. Inside the triangle, there is a figure which identifies the type of plastic used; sometimes the initials of its name are also displayed below the triangle. At Curver we mainly use polypropylene, but other plastics may also be incorporated, such as in the manufacture of the Grand Chef range.

 CMJN de base

Polypropylene is very strong and has good heat resistance. It is a hard plastic which means that it is particularly effective in protecting against moisture. This is a recyclable material and in France up to 200,000 tons of it are recycled per year.


The figure 7 represents the category “other”. If the letters PC are also displayed, the product is made of polycarbonate; if not, it consists of a mixture of other plastics.

For the design of the Grand Chef range, the ultimate in long-term food storage, Curver uses a dual injection process, or the simultaneous injection of two different plastics. The material therefore falls into this category.

These two symbols belong to a coding system that was set up by the plastics industry to facilitate sorting and recycling. This coding system consists of seven logos, which correspond to seven different types of plastic.


And so there you are – the language of plastic is no longer a mystery to you!